The Liberty Ranch

LIMG_6658ocated in the heart of Kings Mountain, Kentucky, the Liberty Ranch is an affordable recovery center that offers a safe, structured, and comfortable environment to overcome drug and alcohol abuse. With over 20 years of experience, the Liberty network of sober living homes has helped thousands of people recover lives that were once lost to drug and alcohol abuse.

Opened in 2006, The Liberty Ranch Recovery Center is an all male facility.  Our focus is helping men, ages 18 and up, start a new life clean and sober.  Our location and amenities cater to those who enjoy an outdoor setting with plenty of activities to choose from.  Having been built on 70 acres of gentle rolling hills and woodlands, the residents are able to relax and focus on themselves.  They get an opportunity to get away from old places, people, and situations in their day-to-day lives while building a new foundation and life in recovery.  The Liberty Ranch provides its residents with the support to focus on developing a 12-step program of recovery in a serene and comfortable environment.

Onsite Amenities Include:

  • 1801375_802666589776250_4787576787383764247_oFull Size Basketball Court
  • Tennis Court
  • Fishing & Swimming
  • Workout Area
  • Onsite W/D
  • On Demand Movies with 70” TV & Home Entertainment System
  • Internet

Sober Living Success Rates

CaptureIn February of 2014 the Liberty Ranch staff pulled all the files on every resident that had entered the facility since its inception in August of 2006.  Their goal was to determine the overall success of the program.Our study concluded that 82% of all graduates, since its inception in 2006, were still clean and sober at the time of the study.  The study was conducted by surveying all 62 men and women graduates of the Liberty Ranch.

Liberty Ranch Philosophy

Centered around the 12 step philosophy, the Liberty Ranch is based on a highly refined system that teaches participants how to apply the principles of AA into daily life. The end result is that participants recover at an increased rate and achieve long term sobriety. Throughout the process, we teach our residents:

  • the personal tools needed to sustain life-long sobriety
  • personal integrity
  • self-respect
  • accountability and honesty
  • self-sufficiency

LR Logo

These types of lasting changes are noticeable right away. The Ranch approach is to breakdown addiction behaviors while introducing alternative behaviors/actions. As the philosophy of Alcoholics Anonymous is intertwined into the structure of The Liberty Ranch, residents begin to incorporate the 12 step principles into their daily lives. Our core belief at the Ranch is: if one is to stay sober, one must change.

Program Length

While we highly recommend long-term stays, we also offer a condensed version of this program in 30, 60 and 90 day formats for those who cannot stay longer. We have had much success with this due to the amount of structure we have and the intense 12-step focus, however, our longer term stays offer greater success rates.

Long-term Stays

Unlike treatment centers that focus on abbreviated stays, our approach has been far more successful in helping addicts/alcoholics to achieve long term sobriety. Our facilities work to integrate a 12-step structure of recovery into their everyday lives. The end result is a drastically increased rate of recovery for our visitors.

The Liberty Ranch is pleased to see that a study by Depaul University was conducted and demonstrates that long-term care is the best method for alcoholics and addicts. We have practiced this philosophy for over 20 years based on our own findings.

“The two most important implications of the findings are that peer-run, community-based recovery housing care, such as Oxford House, yields exceptional rates of success and that it is a cost-effective remedy to recidivism among substance abusers”, writes Leonard Jason of Depaul University

For Fun

Nearly every weekend, guys at the house take a trip together. So much of staying sober is about removing oneself from enablers, fellow addicts, and toxic situations. These trips and adventures create bonding experiences between friends who will serve as a support system for a lifetime. Here are just a few of the trips the guys take:


  • Cumberland Lake & Cumberland Falls
  • Louisville Zoo
  • Kentucky Horse Park
  • Red River Gorge
  • Mammoth Cave

Family Support

Many family members like to believe that they have no part in their loved ones disease, but the simple truth is that addiction often stems from behavior and issues that exist within the family unit. Liberty Ranch truly believes that it takes a connected family to facilitate a drug and alcohol free environment, which is why we offer the following services to families:

  • 12 Step Meetings – Family members are encouraged to attend 12- step Alanon meetings of their choice. Referrals can be provided.
    Professional Licensed Therapy Services – Provided at extra cost, allows residents and family members experiencing particularly difficult emotional situations to receive one on one counseling sessions that include the rules and parameters of the house structure.
  • Family Group – We feel that the restoration of the family is very important. On Saturdays house members and their families participate in a group led by staff. The group is designed to build and strengthen existing support, and to introduce family members to Alanon.
  • Family Group Contact – We believe that family members should communicate with each other. Liberty Ranch encourages Family Members to speak with each other and offer strength and support through their own experiences. Phone list are available through the Alanon meeting.

Daily Meetings

Daily meetings are an essential part of sober living. From 1:1 sessions to group meetings, here are just a few ways we connect on a daily basis:

  • 12 Step Meetings – House members attend a 12-step meeting every day. If they are not working, or going to school, noon meetings are attended in addition to night meetings
  • Daily Goals – Each morning residents are asked to share about a particular goal or goals they are going to work toward that day. A follow up is conducted later in the day to evaluate the results of the daily goals.
  • Newcomer Group – This twice weekly session is led by a graduate or senior resident. It gives residents who are new in the house special attention and focus on what they are feeling and general well being.
  • Peer Group – One night a week we have a peer meeting to discuss individual performance and behavior. Various issues are discussed and plans of action are outlined using the 12 steps as a guide.
  • Resident Family Group – Held daily at 4:30p.m. Common issues pertaining to the house are discussed. If there are any issues that need to be addressed in respects to an individual, they are dealt with in this forum.
  • Family Group – We feel that the restoration of the family is very important. On Saturdays the house members and their families participate in a group led by staff. The group is designed to build and strengthen existing support, and to introduce family members to Alanon.
  • Professional Licensed Therapy Services – Provided at an extra cost, this allows residents to speak with licensed and experienced professionals who are associated with the house.
  • Senior Member Group – This meeting, held once a week is led by a graduate of the program. It gives residents who have been in the house for six months and up an opportunity to check-in and get feedback about issues relating to work and relationships in connection to their sobriety.

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